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Today’s consumers of news and information demand content through a variety of channels. The Times Leader delivers that content to over one million readers and visitors through our print, online and mobile products, more than any other media in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our daily and Sunday editions were ranked number one locally in a DMA that ranked number one nationally. We continue to grow in circulation and visitors and in 2011 were named the ninth fastest growing newspaper in the US for print and online readership by the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Our veteran news team has consistently won numerous awards for investigative journalism, spot news reporting, photography, page design and writing.  Our online products and services continue to fast-forward to match the current and future needs of our audience and customers. As a recent Silver Award winner of the 2011 W3 Awards for Mobile Media TechnologyW3 Awards, we demonstrate a commitment to effectively deliver content in today’s innovative environment. Our ad team provides sound marketing solutions to area businesses that work at both the local and national level.

The Times Leader has served the community with pride for more than 100 years with roots dating back to the 19th century. Today’s Times Leader combines over a century of newspaper tradition with present day technology. We are strongly committed to developing new ways to deliver news and information that meet the demands of our readers, visitors and advertisers today, tomorrow and beyond.

(Sources: ABC Audited Circulation 2011; Google Analytics January 2011; Scarborough Research 2011).

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The Wilkes-Barre DMA Ranks #1 Nationally in Daily Newspaper Readership

The Times Leader Ranks #1 Locally in Both Daily and Sunday Circulation

•Solid, reliable and consistent reach to Luzerne County residents every day
•News coverage updated throughout the day
•5 million (average) page views per month
•700,000 (average) unique visitors per month

winner of the 2011 W3 Award for Mobile Media Technology

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