Commercial Printing

Our pressmen have nearly 200 combined years of printing experience, with one third of our crew enjoying 25 years or more at Impressions Media.

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Our MAN Roland GEOMAN offset press allows us to produce 48 broadsheet pages at full color capacity. 20 printing units, 2 folders and 5 MEG reel stands make it possible to print a 160-page tabloid product. Quality is always ourtop priority and all products are routinely checked for registration and ink density.

Digital technology has made printing an ongoing learning experience as the pre-press and print department work side by side to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.

The print department makes every effort to reuse and recycle whatever we can. We recycle our ink, newsprint, and printing plates. In addition to recycling, we hold our vendors to the highest standards, using vendors that use soybean oil-based inks, and paper mills that supply rolls made from up to 50% recycled content. Our award-winning staff elevate your print publication to a whole new standard.

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What we provide

  • Top quality printing
  • Options of standard newsprint or high bright stock
  • Tab and Broadsheet sizes

For more information please contact Jen Sorber
Phone: 570-970-7340

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