Social Responsibility

going green, social responsiblity

The Times Leader and our other publications are strongly committed to protecting the environment in all of the many communities in which it operates. Impressions Media’s current practices to minimize and reduce waste and emissions include:


  • We use soy based ink
  • Soy Ink is more Environmentally friendly then traditional Petroleum-based ink
  • Our newsprint is made from up to 50% recycled fiber content

Other Recycling

  • The Company’s plants primarily use non-hazardous products that can be recycled. It recycles all waste from the printing process, including slab waste as well as the aluminum plates that are used in the print process.
  • Our Company recycles waste paper in all of its offices, pressrooms and printing plants.

Our Buildings

  • All of our facilities use T8 fluorescent bulbs as opposed to T12 bulbs saving on electricity consumption.  
  • Our production facility uses Pulse start lighting fixtures which step back the light output and power consumed when no one is in an area for a specific amount of time.
  • All chemicals used in production have minimal or no environmental impact.
  • We use a recycling company that handles proper disposal of any waste liquids like oil and ink.
times leader production facility
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